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Generating Numbers with Finance Number Sequence within Project Operations

Posted on by 40

Hi everyone, 

I am a little bit confused.. Im pretty sure this feature was available, once.... 

I need the possibility to create records in Project Operations (CRM) and while they get created, Dual Write will call Finance (ERP) for generating a number from the NumberSequenceTable. The generated number goes back to Project Operations and replaces the standard generating number of CRM.

For ex: When I create an account in CRM I don't wont to insert an account number. The account number should be generated by the number sequence defined in ERP. Otherwise my numbering sequence will not be consistent as ERP uses a different structure as CRM. Sure.. I know I could make the structure the same.. But I need the more complex structure for number sequence from ERP provides. (Different numbers for vendors and customers, ...)

When I set account number to not be required in CRM I get an error from from Plugin Microsoft.Dynamics.Integrator.DualWriteFpRuntime.Plugins.PreCommitPlugin
Exception Message: {"RecordError0":"Unable to fetch entity CustCustomerV3Entity record. All primary column CustomerAccount, values are blank - "}

Thanks for your help!

  • Marco1992 Profile Picture
    Marco1992 40 on at
    RE: Generating Numbers with Finance Number Sequence within Project Operations

    Hi Mark,

    this was a workaround also thought of.. But it is a really annoying workflow.

    I'm in contact with Microsoft. They are looking for some practicable solution.

    I have created a idea for this.

    Thanks for voting!

    I let you know when I have any new insights

  • MarkB45 Profile Picture
    MarkB45 755 on at
    RE: Generating Numbers with Finance Number Sequence within Project Operations

    Hi Marco,

    I can't answer if the feature was ever available, I've got an F&O background so always worked with the more configurable number sequences, CE auto-numbering is very basic in comparison.

    However having said that we have a similar issue on the project I am working on, we have taken the option of creating a customer onboarding app where the customer data can be captured and then use PowerAutomate to create the data in F&O to then write back to CE so it picks up the F&O sequence.

    Bit of a workaround but gets you where you need to be.



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