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Copilot window - how to stop automatic opening

Posted on by 125
Since the launch of Copilot in Dynamics 365, the automatic pane that opens is frustrating for agents. 
Is there a way to stop this pane to open automatically and only have the option to open it whenever we need it?
I searched on the Web and found that other users have the same issue, but there isn't an easy way to change this setting.
I found this thread below which includes an article on how to activate and deactivate this window, but in doing those steps (in the Customer admin center), I see the option, but it cannot be modified by me...probably because I am not the system administrator.
Is there another way to bypass this?
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    Copilot window - how to stop automatic opening
    Hello Cat_Car,
    You're right, by default there isn't an option within Dynamics 365 to disable the automatic opening of the Copilot pane. It can be frustrating for agents who don't use it regularly.
    Here are your options depending on your role:
    1. Request Admin to Disable Copilot Pane (if you're not an admin):
    • Since you mentioned not being able to modify the settings in the Customer Service admin centre, you likely require administrator privileges. The best course of action might be to reach out to your system administrator and explain the issue.
    • They can access the Copilot settings and disable the automatic opening of the pane for your agent profiles. Here's a reference for them:
    1. Keep Copilot Pane and Minimize Disruption (if disabling is not an option):
    • If disabling Copilot isn't possible currently, here are some ways to minimize disruption:

      • Collapse the Pane: By default, the Copilot pane can be collapsed into a smaller bar on the right side of the window. This reduces the screen space it occupies.
      • Adjust Agent Experience Profile: If you have some control over your agent profile settings, you might be able to adjust which Copilot features are enabled. Disabling features you don't use (like "Ask a Question" or "Suggest a Response") might reduce the pane's activity and popups.

    While there's no perfect solution at the moment, hopefully, these options can help you manage the Copilot pane in Dynamics 365.


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    Best Regards,
    Daivat Vartak

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