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Booking suggestions

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"Hi Guys,
I really need some help with a problem I'm facing with booking suggestions in Field service.
Normally if you create a work order, you choose a work order type, an incident type. My incident type contains characteristics.
I have active resources with characteristics assigned to them, work hours are assigned.
So normally I should see booking suggestions, but I get the following:
"There are no active resource requirements on this entity."
Even if I leave the incident type blank and I don't ask for any characteristics, I should see everyone who's available, but I get the same message.
What am I missing? Any idea?
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    CU06071043-0 Profile Picture
    CU06071043-0 6 on at
    Booking suggestions
    The error message "There are no active resource requirements on this entity" typically appears in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service when attempting to create a booking or schedule a resource for a work order or service task.This error occurs when the system cannot find any active resource requirements associated with the entity you're trying to book. Resource requirements are essential for the scheduling process as they define the criteria needed to fulfill a service task, such as required skills, time estimates, and equipment needs.To resolve this issue, you should:
    1. Ensure that the work order or service task has been properly set up with the necessary resource requirements.
    2. Check if the incident type is correctly specified, as leaving it blank might contribute to the error.
    3. Verify that any required characteristics or skills for the job are accurately defined in the system.
    4. Double-check that the entity you're trying to book (e.g., work order, service task) is properly linked to an active resource requirement.
    5. If the issue persists, it may be worth reviewing the overall configuration of your Field Service setup to ensure all components are correctly integrated and functioning as expected.
    If you've confirmed that all the above points are in order and you're still encountering the error, it might be necessary to consult with your system administrator or Microsoft Dynamics 365 support for further assistance, as there could be underlying system issues or configuration problems causing this error.
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    Gabriel Dias Junckes Profile Picture
    Gabriel Dias Junckes 2,403 on at
    Booking suggestions
    Hi Michael.
    Those are the items I would check first.
    - If there is a requirement on the work order, in case the user who is creating the work order does not have the right permissions;
    - Work Hours: Check if the calendar from the requirement and resources are correct;
    - Try to use the schedule board, and remove the filter;

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