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Power Automate - Flow / How to add dynamic data not part of the standard drop down list

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A question regarding adding dynamic data within a Flow in which a mail is sent. 

- How can I select dynamic data that is not provided in the dropdown list while creating the flow?

In my case; Other than some name information, I'd like to add position information as well as employment data information within the sent mail.
However, that is not data available in the dynamic data dropdown.

Which I find strange, since that data is part of the process I go through when creating a new employee in D365HR (-> Hire action).
Within that process, I provide the position and the start (or end) date of the Hire.
But can not select the dynamic data field that belongs to these data fields.

How can I solve this?


I already tried to add them by temporarily selecting another table in the trigger (like position and employments).

While doing that, I can now select the desired dynamic data fields.

To finalize I then provide the table that i want to act as the trigger.

However, this is not the way to go, since all these fields in the mail, remain empty.


Bottomline of my question; How can I add dynamic content fields that are not part of the standard provided dropdown list, but are a part of my Hire process of adding a worker?

  • Arne Vst Profile Picture
    Arne Vst 14 on at
    RE: Power Automate - Flow / How to add dynamic data not part of the standard drop down list

    Thank you for the feedback. 

    However, the solution for me seems to be the following: 
    List and or get Rows within my flow, of the entities that store my information. 

    Then work with first initialize variables and then setting variables after listing or getting the rows. 

    Afterwards I was able to select and include all the needed fields in my mail. 

    Best regards. 

  • Verified answer
    Parag Chapre Profile Picture
    Parag Chapre 12,233 Super User on at
    RE: Power Automate - Flow / How to add dynamic data not part of the standard drop down list

    Hi Arne,

    You need to make some joins in Power automate to get dynamic data for worker, positions. Once you have everything setup then you can get those dynamic data.

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