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Sales table 2 line update

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During the process of updating certain fields on a sales order header my company has configured the 'Update order lines' prompt to pop up, asking how/if to propagate the header's values down to the lines. For the changes that impact price there's the Update prices and discounts radio button section of the dialog with 3 radio button options: Update all, Keep all, Evaluate each line. Does anyone know how to change the default radio button selected here to be 'Keep all'? Our users aren't reading this confusing text all of the time correctly and leaving the option at 'Update all' which is resulting in sales line prices getting updated inadvertently. Here's the screenshot with the red box around the radio button that needs to be the default.pastedimage1655499578351v1.png

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    msocha 10 on at
    RE: Sales table 2 line update

    This is what I needed. Thanks! I ended up putting this configuration section into the Accounts Receivable parameters dialog here, so you can choose whether you want to have the default selection overridden (as opposed to being whatever the last selection option was for that user). Also you can choose what the default override value should be (if override is enabled), and you can choose whether or not that 'Update prices and discounts' legend box can be enabled (allow user change of default selection).


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    Jeson 120 on at
    RE: Sales table 2 line update

    What we did is we change something from SalesTable2LineUpdatePrompt class then dialog method. Just find the code below in dialog method of the class

    if (priceDiscChangePolicyExistOnLine)
          FROM THIS CODE
         //Update prices and discounts entered manually or by external document (section)
         //Update prices and discounts (group of radio button default base on updatePriceDiscMode)
         updatePriceDiscDialogField = PriceDiscResultFields::promptPriceDiscPolicyUpdate(dialogGroup,   /////// orginal code

          NEW CODE

         //Update prices and discounts (group of radio button default keep all)
        updatePriceDiscDialogField = PriceDiscResultFields::promptPriceDiscPolicyUpdate(dialogGroup,  /////// Change the updatePriceDiscMode enum to 1 which is equal to 'Keep all'



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