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Dynamics Powerapp Portal: Entity List - "Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit"

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Hi All,

Recently encountered an issue whereby a contact/portal user is assigned a two custom web roles and upon logging in, under the entity list on the page they see:

"Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit". Inspecting the page, hidden underneath this message read "You don't have permissions to view these records"

This behaviour only occurs in live and not UAT or Dev.

I'm familiar with issues around having too many linked entities in your fetchxml or too many lookups on the form etc, but that doesn't seem to be relevant here. The web roles I believe to be set up correctly and this issue has only recently occurred after the project being live for many months. It doesn't occur for all users either, which makes replicating the issue difficult.

Could somewhere steer me in the right direction as to where I should be looking to troubleshoot this. Is it really a linked entity issue? Should I be focussing more on the web roles and entity permissions? Could it be something else?

With Dev and UAT performing as excepted and Prod having the same web roles/permission - I'm a bit stumped.

Anyone else dealt with this before? Any help appreciated.


  • Jerome P1 Profile Picture
    Jerome P1 194 on at
    RE: Dynamics Powerapp Portal: Entity List - "Number of link entities in query exceeded maximum limit"


    I have the same issue with 1 of my dev environement, another one is working

    and I'm not able to find the reason for that.

    my problem is related to the sharepoint document location subgrid.

    did you have some good news to share? :-)

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