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Operation Not Supported When Creating Custom Button in POS

Posted on by 25

I'm new to POS and trying to figure out how to create custom buttons for MPOS/CPOS in the Retail SDK for Dynamics 365 for Retail. I'm starting with the Store Operations example in the SDK. I did the following:

  1. Include StoreHoursSample in project
  2. Uncomment StoreHoursSample in tsconfig.json
  3. Added "BaseUrl": "StoreHoursSample" under extensionPackages in extensions.json
  4. Added "Store Hours" operation in POS operations screen and matched operation ID to entries in the manifest.json and StoreHoursOperationRequest.ts files
  5. Added a button to a button grid that has "Store Hours" set as the Action
  6. Ran 1090 schedule

Now, when I run the MPOS from Visual Studio, when I click on the Store Hours button I created, I get an "Operation not supported" error message and nothing else happens. I can see no errors in Event Viewer, just a message indicating the button was pushed in the MPOS event viewer.

I must be missing something, but I can't figure out what. Can someone help?

  • Retha Profile Picture
    Retha 1,423 on at
    RE: Operation Not Supported When Creating Custom Button in POS

    I got the same error and the operationID was the same as what was in the request.ts and the POS operations in HQ.

    At closer inspection I then discovered that I misspelled the name of the Factory typescript file in the Manifest.json file for the new operationID.

    So make also sure the path and name of the Factory and Handler typeScripts files are correct in the manifest file.

  • Pankaj_93 Profile Picture
    Pankaj_93 392 on at
    RE: Operation Not Supported When Creating Custom Button in POS

    Hi Robert,

    Your extension would not be loaded properly. So this type of error you are getting.

    Check your manifest.json file whether the operation id is mention or not as well as check in the request.ts files also.

    To check what are the extensions loaded in your pos, click in the setting of the mpos and scroll to right and you will find the extension details.

  • Robert Sammut Profile Picture
    Robert Sammut 456 on at
    RE: Operation Not Supported When Creating Custom Button in POS

    Hi Barret, did you ever manage to resolve this? I'm having the same issue.

    Event Log is saying "Individual message displayed to the user: Message type: 'Error'; Resource IDs: 'unknown;string_29802;unknown;unknown;en-US'; Title: 'undefined'; Message: 'Operation is not supported.'; Additional info: 'undefined'; Correlation Id: '22dc6ebc-36b5-a382-0775-5021e593a443'"

  • Aniket1231 Profile Picture
    Aniket1231 75 on at
    RE: Operation Not Supported When Creating Custom Button in POS

    You can check event log for exact error. Also, you need to build the retail server and CRT solution for Store Hour sample and make required changes in config files. You can refer to below link for help.

    - Aniket

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