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Setting up a Demo for a client in the banking sector

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Hi Community!

I need your expertise. For context, I come from a Power Platform background focused on Canvas Apps, Power Automate and Power BI, so my knowledge of Dynamics is only superficial.

I need to set up a demo for a client in the banking sector:

The idea is to showcase the ability to live chat, automatic e-mail messaging and the Omnichannel for a B2B client (external). I'm familiar with CDX, but I'm not sure how to create a trial environment that fulfills these requirements and allows me to show the customer perspective in the process.

Thanks in advance! 

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    Toheeb 20 on at
    RE: Setting up a Demo for a client in the banking sector


    You can use this Microsoft doc to set up your trial environment.

    You also need to install Omnichannel for customer service You also need to provision digital messaging add ons

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    JMaye2 57 on at
    RE: Setting up a Demo for a client in the banking sector

    You're a lot further along than I was when I was volun-told to standup Dynamics 365 for company.  A few of the things I did was I watched the Linked and Youtube series of Dian Taylor-

    You will need Teams to perform the live chat (it looks like) I have not set that up.

    I also stumbled upon a few great experts in this field Thomas Sandsør - and Peter Ramer .

    All of these are great resources to consume.  I hope this helps.



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    PerezAguiar on at
    RE: Setting up a Demo for a client in the banking sector


    this is going to depend on how you want to work with the customer.  You can start by creating a Trial (meaning users will have a random domain) but in this scenario, B2B won't be possible.  If you have a tenant already, then you can provision a 30 day trial environment with customer Service, Purchase Digital Messaging AddOn (in order to enable Omnichannel).  Because it will be on  your tenant, you can also configure the Email part.


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