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Same form on different pages

Posted on by 155

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to have the same form on different pages?

Maybe in this new update they got something out about the forms.

I saw an answer in this forum to make a form for each page, but how would it show the 2nd form in the same place after capturing the first one

thanks for your support
  • cloflyMao Profile Picture
    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: Same form on different pages

    Hi Fabiola,

    Could my answer help you?

    Please feel free to ask question if you still have any doubt.



    If you had found any answer helped, please kindly mark as verified to close the thread, it would be really appreciated.

  • Verified answer
    cloflyMao Profile Picture
    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: Same form on different pages

    Hi Fabiola,

    It depends on "matching strategy" of your marketing form.


    With strategy setting from screenshot below:

    In submission of second form, if customer change his/her other data but keep same email address, then system will only update other information of him/her.


    To prefill the second form, you could take solution below as reference:

    Due to we can run custom javascript code at any event of form with help of Marketing Form API, so:

    1. Capture submitted data of customer at "formSubmit" event of the first form.

    2. Store the submitted data to localStorage object.

    (code of step 1 and 2 is in first marketing page)

    3. Prefill the second form from data of localStorage object at "afterFormRender" event of the second form.

    4. In the second form, set basic fields such as first name and last name (full name) fields to read-only. (You could add "disabled" attribute to input elements in source HTML code of second form in Dynamics.)



  • FabiolaRT Profile Picture
    FabiolaRT 155 on at
    RE: Same form on different pages

    Thank you !, I am going to check what you mention.

    I have a question, if I put the fields keys (full name and email address) in the second form, will the fields be set to value ?, this to validate that the contact updates their information instead of creating another contact

  • cloflyMao Profile Picture
    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: Same form on different pages

    Hi Fabiola,

    A form is supported to be embedded to different forms.

    From all released features from 2020 wave 1 upgrade, currently we still need to wait for update that users could embed 2 forms in same page. 

    For your requirement, please take steps below as reference:

    1. If the form is embedded in Portal, then we should set second page(2nd form) as redirect URL in marketing page designer.


    2. If the form is embedded in custom web page(self hosting), then we should set redirect URL in related form page record.


    3. If the form is captured form, due to it seems that submission behavior settings not works for captured form, thus we could run a custom function at onsubmit event of form,

    in the function, redirect URL by  location.href = "";  statement.



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