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Edit options for duration of time entry without code

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hello. I am attempting to change the Duration default option set when creating time entries. At the moment it is 1 min, 15 mins, 30 mins, etc. All I want to do is remove the 1 min option so resources can't put time in so granularly. Ideally we want to do this without editing ProjOps javascript, or creating new scripts, in case this is changed/broken in future updates. Does anyone know if/where this option set can be edited, or is it only in the Javascript that it can be edited?


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    Thomas David Dayman Profile Picture
    Thomas David Dayman 11,319 on at
    Edit options for duration of time entry without code
    You could make this work. 
    You will need to make your own Option Set field with the minute options of your choice 15mins 30mins etc. Then have some automation to copy your custom field to the Duration field. Remember that the Duration field is set as minutes underneath so 8 hours = 480 mins, so you may need to do some converting from hours to minutes in the automation.
    Or an easier way is to just block users from using the 1 min option. Either creating a Custom Workflow, plugin or JavaScript when a user tries to create a Time Entry with 1min as a value
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    ANInnoSolutions Profile Picture
    ANInnoSolutions 186 on at
    Edit options for duration of time entry without code
    Hello Community member,
    the field "Duration" is a specific field with the Data Type "Duration" and is given by default from Microsoft. To be more specific and in your case the field "Duration" is moreover a msdyn_field what means that there are a lot of relations given by Microsoft in the whole application. It is not recommended to change msdyn_fields because of this relations and to prevent not wanted breakups in other functions and features.
    Without an own extension I would suggest that there is no possibility available to change the values for the field.



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    1. Microsoft Licensing Guide
    2. Microsoft Doc`s/Learn
  • Nilestone Profile Picture
    Nilestone 7 on at
    Edit options for duration of time entry without code
    Seeking the same answer here.  I know this post is old, but has anyone figured out a simple way to do this?  

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