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Dynamic AX 2009

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Good Day, 

My colleague inform me that out of the blue, when they want to issued out Purchase Order, they received an Error message. 

This is the first time we encounter this message. Can you please help us on this matters. 


  • Dan Firmansjah Profile Picture
    Dan Firmansjah 5 on at
    RE: Dynamic AX 2009

    Hi there!

    Not sure if this got resolved for you or not, but before delving deep into the issue, have you tried some of the basic cleanup functions?

    In ax 2009 there is a purchase update cleanup job which can be run as batch in the periodic section of the purchase ledger / accounts payable module.

    That cleanup job should address a lot of the parameters update tables of which that specific table in your error message should be one of them.

    Obviously verify beforehand that the records in the purchase update tables have no intrinsic value for you, in my experience the records in these tables especially historic ones held little to no practical value for the business.

    Also as mentioned on a previous post, you could try synchronising that specific table in the SQL administration section.


  • WiseGen Profile Picture
    WiseGen 5 on at
    RE: Dynamic AX 2009

    Thank you for your respond.

    As i mentioned, this is the first time we encounter this problem and unsure how to ask the question. First time using the forum, at first i was searching the problem

    Cannot create a record in Purchase Order header - updating table (PurchParmSub Table).

    The SQL Database has issued an error.

    what kind of environment?

    The problem is issuing the Purchase Order, this morning they manage to issued a few PO but at 10am, out of the blue they encounter the problem.

  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,588 Super User on at
    RE: Dynamic AX 2009

    Unfortunately you didn't provide any context, such as what kind of environment is it or when it started happening.

    Nevertheless SQL errors are often caused by inconsistency between the application and the database. Make sure you're synchronized.

    By the way, "Dynamic AX 2009" isn't a good thread title, because it says nothing about the topic at all. It just repeats the information available in the version tag. Please change the title.

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