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Update personnel number for employee

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Hi team,

I would seek your help related to personnel number as below:

How can we update/ modify personnel number after it’s created on employee record on the form?


I tested with changing set up at number sequence, but it didn’t work. Please find my test as below:

Go to Human Resources > Setup > Human Resources Parameters > Number Sequences. Identify the number sequence tagged to Personnel number

Navigate to Payroll -> Setup -> Parameters-> Human resources shared parameters, find the number sequence and uncheck the "Continuous" checkbox and mark the "Manual" checkbox in the general fast tab.



Could you please share your idea if there is any workaround for changing personnel number?

Thank you so much!

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    Ramesh Babu P Profile Picture
    Ramesh Babu P 35 on at
    RE: Update personnel number for employee

    Hi Julia Nguyen,

    Changing the personnel number sequence to manual in Human resources shared parameters it allows the user to create an employee with desired personnel number not to update/ modify the personnel number.

    Please refer to the link below, which was discussed previously in the forum.


    Ramesh Babu Paladugu

    If applicable, please mark the answer as verified - This post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of my company.

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    Charlotte X Profile Picture
    Charlotte X on at
    RE: Update personnel number for employee

    Hi Julia,

    As far as I know, it's not possible to change the personnel number in HR. The only option to change it would be creating new worker records.

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    GirishS Profile Picture
    GirishS 27,826 Super User on at
    RE: Update personnel number for employee

    Hi Julia,

    Why are you trying to change the personnel number?

    Personnel number is unique field in HcmWorker table, so it's not possible to change that. This personnel number field value is used in multiple forms as a reference field.

    One workaround will be renaming the primary key but that is not suitable for Personnel number also.


    Girish S.

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