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Replication and Decentralization

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We are retail based company with more than 40 branches, implementing Microsoft NAV woth LS retail. I am asking for the best architectural solution for our stores to be decentralized yet have replication to our head office.

We reached a conclusion of two options:


Have the branch POS replicate to a in-store server the this server replicates to head office


Have each POS in each branch replicate to the head office

With option 1, i allow the store to be somehow independent of network disconnection. However i was told i still wont be able to close the store day and write to accounting amd inventory, since accounting and inventory replication is not supported on NAV and the only way to do it is through the head office server. Is it correct?

With option 2, i will have direct visibilty which POS is down and fix the issue but somehow i will always be depending on the connection availibilty.

Personally i see option 1 as better than option 2. Our implementor is saying the option 1 is not doable.

Can the branch close the day by writing to accounting and inventory then replicate it to the head office? Or it’s not supported by microsoft dynamics nav? Appreciating some documents to read concerning best architecture for branch setup

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    RE: Replication and Decentralization

    Yes thats what i want to implement, its what i meant by in-store server. How about store back office operation, is it doable if there was disconnection from head office?

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    RE: Replication and Decentralization

    We implement different way.  Each store has a store server.  Basically one POS acts as a server.  All the other POS connect to it.  We then replicate all the transaction to the HQ. 

    This lowers the number of stores to replicate from and to.

    For backup, they setup a second POS as backup server if the Main POS goes down.

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