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Track changes made to categories in D365FO

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I would like to enable tracking of changes made to category groups, shared categories and project categories.

If there are made any changes to these, I would like to know what has been changed, when it was changed, and who made the change.

Is this possible?

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    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Track changes made to categories in D365FO

    Hi Gaute,

    For reference:

    Maybe you can go to Data Management -> Data Entities.

    Select the Entity for which you want to enable Change Tracking.

    In the Action Pane, go to Change Tracking. There are 3 options:

    • Enable primary table – It will only track changes made on root table.
    • Enable entire entity – It will enable tracking for all Writable Datasource used in the entities.
    • Enable custom Query – You can create a custom query to track changes on the required tables.

    Best Regards,


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    Mohit Rampal Profile Picture
    Mohit Rampal 12,540 Super User on at
    RE: Track changes made to categories in D365FO

    Hi, In addition to above suggestions, you can create custom workflow (if need approval process), database logging (but be mindful of fields limitation and performance impact on system) or create custom staging table and form and record the Updation or deletion of records in it and adding the user who and when modified it.

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    GirishS Profile Picture
    GirishS 27,828 Super User on at
    RE: Track changes made to categories in D365FO

    Hi Gaute,

    For Category groups and Shared categories, you can enable database log - But for project categories there is Created by and modified by - You can add that field via personalization without enabling database log.


    Girish S.

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    Frank Hamelly | MVP, MCP, CSA Profile Picture
    Frank Hamelly | MVP... 3,722 Super User on at
    RE: Track changes made to categories in D365FO

    Couple options - enable database logging on the Category tables -

    Or, develop custom workflows to track the changes.

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