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Penny Rounding Issues

Posted on by 2
I'm trying to validate and post some general journals.
I've set the max penny rounding difference and the reporting one to 0.05 in GBP the base currency for the environment.
The currency I'm using is Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY.
The difference is 0.01 so it should pass validation but it raising a warning even though it below the tolerance.
Thanks in advance,
  • Frank Hamelly | MVP, MCP, CSA Profile Picture
    Frank Hamelly | MVP... 3,712 Super User on at
    Penny Rounding Issues
    Is the .01 rounding difference the total for the journal or the difference on one voucher line?  Rounding difference is cumulative in a journal, so if you had 10 voucher lines, each with .01 rounding difference, the total journal rounding difference would be .10
  • Penny Rounding Issues
    Hello Lawrence,

    Can you please post the screenshot of both the parameter and the error that you're faced with?
  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,696 Super User on at
    Penny Rounding Issues
    Hi Lawrence,
    Can you share the details about what lines you entered in the journal and also provide us the exact error message?

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