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Webhook Retries not working

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Hi all,
We've been using webhooks in D365 for several years to run external processes against entities after certain status changes.  The external API will occationally fail with a 5xx response due to a transient error and previously the webhook step was retried automatically and everything worked well.  Recently, maybe the past 2 months, we've seen a handful of failures that stop on the first attempt, get the 5xx response, and the system job just sits there and never retries.  Using the Plugin Registration Tool I don't see any way to control retry settings.  Does anyone know if there's a bug recently with D365 or if there's a new/better way to handle webhooks?
Thanks, Dan
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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Webhook Retries not working
    According to the Microsoft document.
    Troubleshoot WebHook registrations
    The WebHook service will make one more attempt only when these error codes are returned.
    StatusCode Description
    502 Bad Gateway
    503 Service Unavailable
    504 Gateway Timeout
    Please check this.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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