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Business Central User license Limit

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I am looking to see if anyone can answer my question about the user limit on Business Central. The reason for my query is trying to define the line between Business Central and Finance and Operations. Now traditionally SMB ERP systems target the 10-99 user space.  However from experience with NAV this can scale from 5 users to, in extreme case 250 user (Believe older NAV versions had a 256 limit but not confirmed)

Have had arguments where NAV/BC is for 10-250 user sites and F&O is 250+. However I don't believe that it should be guided by user counts alone as there are many more business factors required to decide best fit.

So my questions are

1. Is there a limit to the number of users that can be licensed on a single Business Central tenant?

2. What is the optimum range of users for starting the discussion of leaning towards Business Central before looking at F&O?

  • John Meaker Profile Picture
    John Meaker 40 on at
    RE: Business Central User license Limit

    Thanks Stefano. Confirms things for me. Agree that the decision between the two systems should not be based on the user count but rather take into account the multiple factors such as the features required, business challenges/infrastructure/financing, partner resourcing/skill set etc.

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    Stefano Demiliani Profile Picture
    Stefano Demiliani 37,152 on at
    RE: Business Central User license Limit

    1) No.

    2) It’s not a number of users limit. I think you’ve to mainly see features and choose what suits best for your. We have NAV installations with hundred of users and they’re very happy. D365BC is extremely flexible. If you are talking about on-premise, tune up your database and server infrastructure accordingly to your loads.

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