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computed field in view

Posted on by 50

Hi guys,

I have created a view in AOT which has data source query (static AOT Query)

i have calculated sum of purchline amount that is correct and it gives correct result,

but somebody guide me how i will calculate multiplication of two fields in AOT View like Tsql (Sum(pl.LINEAMOUNT)*sum(pl.PURCHQTY)))

and subtraction of ,(sum(pl.PURCHQTY)-sum(vpst.QTY))'Balance Receipt Qty'

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    Israel Gonzalez Profile Picture
    Israel Gonzalez 708 on at
    RE: computed field in view

    Hi makdax2012r3,

    You can use the table fields for doing calcs. Check out this:

  • makdax2012r3 Profile Picture
    makdax2012r3 50 on at
    RE: computed field in view

    i have already seen this walkthrough but plez tell me how i ac do this Tsql (Sum(pl.LINEAMOUNT)*sum(pl.PURCHQTY)))

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    huijij Profile Picture
    huijij 19,803 on at
    RE: computed field in view

    Hi makdax2012r3

    Please refer to the MS document about adding a Computed Column to a View:

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    Komi Siabi Profile Picture
    Komi Siabi 12,407 Super User on at
    RE: computed field in view

    Hello Mark,

    I personally haven't being using computed columns on view. Something I would explore more. However, for me I would have created a display method on the view where I will do my x++ select statement to get the sum and compute.

    I can display this method on my form, ssrs report...

    My own suggestion

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