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Integration between D365 F&O and CE Dual-write RefRecId field type

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Good morning
We are experiencing a problem with an integration issue between D365 F&O and CE via Dual-write.
Our solution creates records in D365 F&O (Table A), this contains the RefRecId to a different table (Table B).  Table A is then Dual Write to CE.
CE then uses this Table A record to create one or multiple records that is then passed back to F&O in a new table (Table C). 
The problem we are experiencing is that the TableA.Refrecid needs to be passed over to the Table C.RefRecid so that it can be used for processing when back in F&O.
What is the field type to use in CE.
INT does not allow any fields larger than 2147483647 and when we use BigInt, it works when Syncing from F&O to CE, but when Syncing from CE back to F&O we get the following error /Dual Write core application error-unsupported source field type {biginteger}, {ddd_refrecid}, {table3.ddd_refrecid}/.
How do we solve this problem.  Any help will be appreciated.