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SmartList Report doesn't show on SmartList Objects

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Posted on by 240

We are working with GP2016.

A SmartList Report favorite has been created by a User.  The SmartList is not a SmartList Builder report, just a regular, newly created SmartList Report with specific columns showing in it from the Sales Line Items folder, with System for the access.  The SmartList shows up in the SmartList folder and list, and the report runs without issue reporting the data.

This is the issue,...

I go to set up the Security Task and assign the Task to a Role for just a couple of specific Users who should have access to this SmartList Report(s).  Only these specific Users should be allowed to run and see the confidential data in this report.  The issue is that the report does NOT show up in the list of reports in the SmartList Objects or Custom Reports to select it for the Task.  Is there a reason why it wouldn't be listed when the others are?  Since the report isn't listed, where do I go to get this report assigned to just these few Users?  The Assign To is greyed out also Add or Remove Favorites window.  Permissions are not limited to the report, as everyone can see and run it in the system and company database.

Please advise.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!