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VAT not registered when total VAT amount equals 0,00

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we are implementing D365 FinOps for a utility company that creates invoices where we create invoice lines based on the actual consumption of the past year and we deduct previously paied advances which are also invoice lines.

In some rare cases this will lead to invoices with a (near to) 0,00 amount. 

Apparently the tax calculation will see that the total VAT amount is 0,00€ and therefore simply won't create any tax lines.

But we have to report the VAT on lines with actual consumption seperatly from the previously paied lines - so we do need to have these TAX lines?

Is there a way (via config f.ex) to tell the system to create the tax lines regardless the fact that the total VAT amount = 0,00?



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    RE: VAT not registered when total VAT amount equals 0,00

    Hi Cindy,

    Even when you create and post an invoice with zero VAT percentage, the tax transaction should be created. Just tested on 10.0.21.

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    nunomaia 10,684 Super User on at
    RE: VAT not registered when total VAT amount equals 0,00

    I don't know you case , but I have made a simple test in a Free Text Invoice.

    1) line 1 of 1000 EUR of 20% rate

    2) line 2 line – 1000 EUR of 20%.

    Total invoice amount 0 EUR, both lines with same rate code and rate

    In Tax Transitions I have 2 lines.

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    OsmanIstanbul 2,801 on at
    RE: VAT not registered when total VAT amount equals 0,00


    as I know, the system will create tax lines regardless of the line amount unless you select the right tax groups. can you share your tax config and example data?

    Best Regards.

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