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Finding country-specific code.

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Good day, I would like to ask if there is a way to easily find specific AX Localization code? For example: India uses (IND) Post bills of entry for import orders: Is there an easy way of checking all associated code with it? Is there like a short comment/tag which I can search for via find functionality?

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    Sergei Minozhenko Profile Picture
    Sergei Minozhenko 23,083 on at
    RE: Finding country-specific code.

    Hi Charos,

    In addition to objects name search, you can check references for method SysCountryRegionCode::isLegalEntityInCountryRegion used to wrap country-region specific code in x++ (you need to be sure that cross-references are built and up to date).

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    WillWU Profile Picture
    WillWU 22,342 on at
    RE: Finding country-specific code.

    Hi Charos,

    Sorry, I made a mistake, I thought you were using D365FO.

    Please check this blog for details.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Finding country-specific code.

    Hello and thank you for your input, this is noted, where are you accessing this through? And how do you arrange the tables wherein the Suffix _IN is being arranged the way that is? the normal Development Workspace or is this in the Visual Studio environment?

  • WillWU Profile Picture
    WillWU 22,342 on at
    RE: Finding country-specific code.

    Hi Charos,

    There is no specific way to do this, maybe you can try searching in AOT like this.


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