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Email Signature not displaying

Posted on by 433


Since we switched from the legacy to the unified interface, we have noticed intermittent problems with Users signatures not displaying in replies to cases. Occasionally they appear automatically (as theyre supposed to) but 90% of the time, they dont. There are graphics in the signature showing the company logo and the users do not have personal signatures. They were created by me and each team member is the owner of their own.

Before we switched there was no issue with this at all. So I am wondering, did something need to be changed from my end? I can access the signatures in the UI and they all look fine, but something is preventing the users signature from loading automatically each time.

While researching this, I found a known issue from Microsoft;

'Verbatim HTML tags, such as href=””, have their value removed if they aren't encoded in the experience by email templates from the legacy app. This is because the content sanitation library was upgraded to include this safety improvement in Dynamics 365. You can resolve this issue by manually encoding the value.'

But I cant see where this can be fixed.

Thanks a million


  • TedW Profile Picture
    TedW 433 on at
    RE: Email Signature not displaying

    HI Leah,

    Thanks for your suggestion. The email signatures are set as default. The from field is the queue and that is also correct. Its definitely something to do with the coding.


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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Email Signature not displaying

    Hi Ted,

    You need set the email signature you need set as default, then ensure ‘from’ field of the email is the owner of the signature.

    Or you can try to recreate email signature in the UCI.


    Leah Ju

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