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Optionset value Customer Insights

Posted on by 30

Hi all, 

I would like to show option set value labels in the Audience profile of Customer Insights. 

So I have Dynamics 365 CE as a source, and multiple attributed with field type "Optionset" included in this source. Lets say the attribute "favorite color" 
When I ingest this data into Customer Insights I would expect to see the option set labels in my Customer Profile, and not the Option set Number Value. 
This means that by default the value showing on the Customer Profile for Favorite Color is "56475" instead of "Blue" 

Is there a trick to show the Label value (Blue) instead of number value (56475) here? 

Looking forward to a reply! 

Kind regards, 

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    Paulien Lb Profile Picture
    Paulien Lb 125 on at
    RE: Optionset value Customer Insights

    Hi Timo,

    Which connector are you using to connect to Dataverse?

    If you're using the Dataverse connector I'm afraid it's just not available.

    When using the PowerQuery Dataverse Connector you can read the 'favoritecolorname' column instead of the 'favoritecolor' column.

    And if you're using a Synapse Link to connect to your Dataverse tables you'll need to merge in the optionsetnames from the additional GlobalOptionsets table.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Paulien

  • TimoDutch Profile Picture
    TimoDutch 30 on at
    RE: Optionset value Customer Insights

    Hi Nils, Thanks for the reply.

    I indeed mean the "customer" view, and I'm aware of this not being build for end user reasons.

    The data comes from Dynamics CE already and is configurated correctly as optionset. So Number and Label.

    My point in that the Dataverse connector to CI only seems to distribute the Number value, not the label

    This same data is of course needed for building segments in Customer Insights for use in Marketing.

    And then OptionSetValue labels would also be more user friendly then OptionSetValue Numbers.  So "equals black" instead of "equals 928373273" That is my biggest concern. For a User to build segments in Customer Insights with an option set value originated from Dynamics CE, its quite hard to find the numeric value in Dynamics CE of an option set that is shown on the Contact form e.q. with just the Label showing.

    So am I correct that I wrote my question unclear and therefor you misinterpreted it?

    Or is this indeed what you meant and is this just not available yet for distribution of use within CI (Segments)

    Looking forward to your reply!

  • Nils Ke Profile Picture
    Nils Ke on at
    RE: Optionset value Customer Insights


    I assume you are referring to the "Customers" view in our app, which serves as a basic example of what data is available in Customer Insights for a specific customer. Please note that this page is not aiming to be a main consumption place of CI data for our users. That's why that web app is not customizable.

    What you are describing should be solved by using CI data within your core business apps like Dynamics 365 CE directly, where you lookup CI's data and can customize how it renders within your controls.

    With CI data being available in Dataverse, we recommend our customers use Dataverse connectors and APIs for consumption scenarios.

    Docs about CI and Dataverse: 

    As you will see not all relevant CI data is easily available in Dataverse yet. Our goal is to close this gap in the coming months, so consumption scenarios are served from Dataverse tables. 

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Optionset value Customer Insights

    Hi TimoDutch,

    It maybe a bug, you can open one ticket for Microsoft support for further help: 

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