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Filtering item consumption over some period of time

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I need help with filtering data in NAV.

What I need:

To find what items we have consumed the most over some period of time at one of our manufacturing locations.

What I have done so far:

Went to History -> Item ledger entries.

Applied filters:

"Location code" = one of our production facilities,

"Posting date" = 01/05/18..07/08/19,

"Entry type" = consumption.

Then I sorted all the rows by "Item number".

So this gives me all components that we have consumed in that facility over that period of time. But of course this list is enormous and it would take me ages to calculate sums of all different components.

Now I need to know how to let NAV sum up all different component consumption quantities.

Example of what I have:

Item no. Quantity

11220033 -2

11220033 -10

11220033 -53

ZHPF8183 -68

ZHPF8183 -17

ZHPF8183 -500

VP500240 -0.5

VP500240 -5.5

What I need:

Item no. Quantity

11220033 -65

ZHPF8183 -585

VP500240 -6

Thank you.

  • Margus Profile Picture
    Margus 5 on at
    RE: Filtering item consumption over some period of time

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot. Don`t know why I did not think about exporting data to Excel.

    Actually did not have to use Object Designer -  Just selected all the rows and pressed Ctrl + E. Then created pivot table in excel and got the information I needed.



  • Verified answer
    Manish Mutha Profile Picture
    Manish Mutha 155 on at
    RE: Filtering item consumption over some period of time


    You can use Query functionality of NAV. (Object Designer > Query > New > Data Item (Item Ledger Entry) > Enter required filters  and select required fields) and run the Query and export the data in Excel. Hope this shall resolve your issue.

    (Quantity field > Method Type = Totals)

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