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How to deal with User Settings

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Hello all,
At our company we are using AX2012 R3 and we something face issues regarding user settings. In example when a specific user opens a Purchase Order, AX2012 closes for this users. So the session get /killed/. When we look in to the user setting we delete some usersetting records that are related to that screen. after deleting some specific user settings are deleted the problem for this users does not occur. 
As an Application Manager it is not doable the help every user whit exact this issue. Because our way of solving this specific problem we copy the user setting via an Job to our own account so we can replicate the issue. Then we do some trial and error of deleting some usersettings in the hope we find the correct usersetting record. 
Does any one have a good way for dealing with this kind of issues and how can the user Maintain his/her user setting in that way that he doesn't lose grid settings or form setting?
Many thanks.
Oleg van den Boogaard
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    How to deal with User Settings
    Hi Oleg,

    I have seen this behavior before and can be due to not only the user setting, but also a kernel version mismatch between client and AOS versions. Maybe a customization or copying user settings can cause such behavior. 
    Have you also checked if the AOS itself keeps running or also got stopped or restarted? Do you have the latest available kernel versions of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 installed?

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