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Attach document directly from MS Outlook

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Hi there,

in some AX forms, e.g. Sales and marketing > Leads > Attachments, it is possible to attach document directly via Drag&Drop which are stored on the actual server where the client is installed. This is a nice functionality but the requires to have all documents stored on the server.

Now the question: Does anybody know whether there is a AX Add-on (VAR) that allows it to drag a file from MS Outlook (not running on the server where the AX client runs) or local desktop and drop it directly in the AX attachment form?



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    RE: Attach document directly from MS Outlook

    You can use a network share or a UNC path if you are local admin to access a file on the local client and attach it by manually browsing there.

    So if your AX is running on a Remote Desktop Services connection, file sharing for your C drive is enabled, and you have your file in C:\temp\mytestfile.txt then you could use this path manual attachment (not drag & drop): \\tsclient\C\temp\mytestfile.txt or \\yourlocalpcname\c$\temp\mytestfile.txt

    This only works for files which are locally saved beforehand.

    You might try to write custom AX code to retrieve through Windows APIs where the current AX user is connecting from, construct the UNC path for you automatically and replace that value in the drop event handler in AX, so it would try to attach from the network path instead of trying to find it locally.

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