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Whatsapp Integration

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Hey All,

I am trying to Integrate Whatsapp with my D365 through Omnichannel. Need a little help.

The scenario i am trying to achieve is "A message is sent to Whatsapp and the response for the same is sent through CRM based on certain conditions".

I have configured omnichannel to my org and have also created a Whatsapp Channel giving it the Twilio's Account SID and AUth Token. However, while validating the Whatsapp number provided by Twilio, CRM is thrwong Exception as incorrect mobile Number.

Please suggest a resolution.

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    Whatsapp Integration

    Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem:

    1. Twilio Configuration:

      • Double-check your Twilio configuration, ensuring that the Twilio phone number associated with your WhatsApp Channel is correctly set up. Verify that the Account SID and Auth Token are accurate.
    2. Formatting of WhatsApp Number:

      • Ensure that the WhatsApp number provided to Twilio and configured in Omnichannel follows the international format, including the country code. This is crucial for correct number validation.
    3. Twilio Sandbox:

      • If you're using the Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp, make sure you've opted into the sandbox and that your WhatsApp number is approved in the Twilio console.
    4. Omnichannel Channel Configuration:

      • Check the configuration settings within the Omnichannel channel. Confirm that the WhatsApp number is correctly entered, and there are no typos.
    5. Dynamics 365 Settings:

      • Verify the format of mobile numbers in your Dynamics 365 environment. Ensure that they align with Twilio's expectations for validation.
    6. Exception Details:

      • Examine the exception details thrown by CRM. It might provide more specific information about what is causing the validation error. This can be helpful in pinpointing the issue.
    7. Twilio Support:

      • If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Twilio support. They can assist in troubleshooting any configuration issues on their end and ensure that your WhatsApp number is correctly set up.
    8. Testing with Another Number:

      • As a diagnostic step, try validating another WhatsApp number through Twilio to see if the issue is specific to the number or a broader configuration problem.

    Remember to test each step carefully and document any error messages or details provided by the systems. This information can be valuable when seeking assistance from Twilio support or the D365 community. I hope this helps in resolving the validation issue! 🌐📱

  • Inogic Profile Picture
    Inogic 23,969 on at
    Whatsapp Integration

    It sounds like you are working on integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through Omnichannel using Twilio's services. The scenario you're aiming for involves sending a message to WhatsApp and then responding through CRM based on specific conditions.

    If you're encountering an issue where CRM is throwing an exception indicating an incorrect mobile number while validating the WhatsApp number provided by Twilio, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:
    1. Verify the phone number format you have entered.
    2. Ensure the Twilio Account SID and Auth Token are correct.
    3. Test with a different WhatsApp number provided by Twilio.
    4. Review the settings in your Dynamics 365 Omnichannel configuration.
    5. Check out for any Error messages.
    6. If issue persists, it might be a good idea to reach out to both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Twilio support.
    7. Check the official documentation for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Twilio's WhatsApp integration.
    Remember that integration issues can sometimes be caused by small configuration mistakes, so methodically reviewing your settings and following the recommended practices can help you identify and fix the problem.

    Alternatively, you can try a simpler way by using a solution called WhatsApp4Dynamics!

    This solution is designed to facilitate the integration between WhatsApp and Microsoft Dynamics 365, leveraging Twilio's services to enable communication between the two platforms.

    WhatsApp4Dynamics simplifies the process of setting up and managing the integration, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate WhatsApp as a communication channel within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. This integration can enhance customer engagement and streamline communication by utilizing the popular messaging platform.

    By using WhatsApp CRM integration app WhatsApp4Dynamics, organizations can take advantage of Twilio's infrastructure to enable quick communication and automation capabilities. This integration can offer a more comprehensive view of customer interactions by capturing and centralizing communication data within Dynamics 365, enhancing the overall customer relationship management process.

    To learn more about WhatsApp4Dynamics, visit the website or Microsoft AppSource, check out online help docs or contact us at for a personalized free demo or more information.

    You can also sign up and get a 15-days’ free trial to experience the solution yourself!
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    Carlo Velasco Profile Picture
    Carlo Velasco 785 on at
    RE: Whatsapp Integration


    Please refer to the following documentation.

    An ensure that twilio is updated.

  • venkatsr Profile Picture
    venkatsr User Group Leader on at
    RE: Whatsapp Integration


    Please verify twilio is latest or not.

  • Pankaj Gogoi Profile Picture
    Pankaj Gogoi 3,177 on at
    RE: Whatsapp Integration


    I assume you are following this document.

    Please check if there is an updated version of the Twilio adapter.

    Hope this helps

    Best Regards


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