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purpose of catch weight in ax2012 R3

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What is the purpose of Catch weight 

When and Where it is used

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    Junaid Idrees Profile Picture
    Junaid Idrees 12,740 on at
    RE: purpose of catch weight in ax2012 R3

    Hi Sriram GS,

    From business perspective specially In Food industry there are couple of products which varies in terms of Weight and Size. For example Fish/Meat/Cheese. These products are sold by unit, let's say Case but pricing is done by pound and each Case or container can have different weight.

    In order to handle these products in business, we need inventory unit and also a catch weight unit. The inventory unit is the unit of measure in which the product will be sold or received. The catch weight unit will be the unit by which the product wil be weighed and invoiced.

    There are 02 things which are very important when we talk about catch weight. "Average/Nominal Weight" and "Exact catch weight". You should read about it to get the clear understanding.

    There is a simple example on the below link, how to setup Catch weight product and process it:

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: purpose of catch weight in ax2012 R3

    Hi Sriram GS,

    On this site on MS docs you can find a straightforward example and additional information for what you can use this for.


    Consider fresh shrimps packed in boxes, which is also the unit in which customers order the shrimps. Because each box varies in weight, the shrimps are invoiced in kilograms. When several boxes are picked to a sales order, the boxes are weighed to determine how much to invoice the customer. In this example, we use kilograms as the inventory unit and boxes as the catch weight unit.

    Best regards,


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