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Payables Check Auto Apply Dynamics GP

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Posted on by 22,645

Have a client that has allowed the 'auto apply credits and debits' option to happen when generating a cheque in Purchasing.  How do we reverse this without manually re-doing everything.

I know I have seen posts in the community on this, but I can not ask / frame the question / statement correctly to find the results in the auto suggestions (which I like by the way)

Help . . . . . . . 

  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: Payables Check Auto Apply Dynamics GP

    Brandon, thanks for the reply - however, client is on older version and this is just one more reason to help them move to update their systems.

    I was able to figure out that I could void the payment and it moved everything back to OPEN - then we are able to void OPEN and moved forward from there.

    The initial reported problem was a bit different from reality - the client had actually applied and printed cheque with the wrong CM applied to it - Oct Cheque with Nov CM applied.  So a bit easier than first reported.

    Thanks again for the posting with your assistance.

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    Hokuminaria Profile Picture
    Hokuminaria 2,950 on at
    RE: Payables Check Auto Apply Dynamics GP

    Hello Bill,

    If a Payment was created as well when the Credit's were auto applied and you are on GP2013 R2 or later, you can void the Payment. This should un-apply the Credits that were applied during the check run. If there are no payments, then you would need to void the Credit's and recreate them.

    You could also look at creating a scripting solution to move the documents from history back to open. Then un-apply them using the Apply Payables Documents window.

    If you would like to open a support request, we do have a script that we can provide you that will move document back to open at a time. If these are Multicurrency Transactions, this script will not work.

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Support Engineer | Brandon Jarrett.

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