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Default date sorting of tables in D365FO

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Why are tables sorted to show oldest to newest by default? Is this possible to change?
I have received questions about this from many users, who argue that it doesn't make sense to show old records first.
I am fully aware that one can click on the column to change the sorting, but I am wondering if it is possible to change the default sorting for the entire system.
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    Komi Siabi 12,241 Super User on at
    Default date sorting of tables in D365FO
    There is no parameter that will auto change the sorting on grid across the entire system. You can either applying filter using saved views, or use query with range on the menu item of the form via Visual studio.
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    Layan Jwei 2,801 Super User on at
    Default date sorting of tables in D365FO
    Hi Gaute_K,

    One option is to save a new view and pin it as default.

    Open the form - click on "Date" field and sort newest to oldest - save the view as - tick "pin as default view"

    Layan Jweihan
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