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Script Error - Web resource method does not exist

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I am new to D365, and haven't implemented any scripts, but have recently got the following error, which doesn't effect anyone else in my team:

Web resource method does not exist: Mscrm.Form_onload. However the closest object we found is Mscrm that contains these properties: ManageProcessActionDialogActions,WorkflowWebResource,ManageSwitchProcessDialogActions. Please verify this object is not corrupt and is not an object of the same name defined elsewhere, such as another script.Session Id: 5db0937c-7fe9-4947-9d0f-884f1f7f0ba0Correlation Id: 64df4477-67f2-4dee-8642-389ebe8741fbEvent Name: onloadFunction Name: Mscrm.Form_onloadWeb Resource Name: Sales/Opportunity/Opportunity_main_system_library.jsSolution Name: msdynce_SalesPatch202001Publisher Name: MicrosoftCorporationTime: Thu Dec 22 2022 09:53:05 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)Download Log File

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    RE: Script Error - Web resource method does not exist


    The error information shows "Web resource method does not exist", so I recommend you to check JavaScript stored in your web resource.

    Please check the Function name and Library to make sure choosing the correct one.


    You can check them in following examples.



    Also you can modify your code with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or similar to check for errors.

    If the above methods can't solve the problem, you can click the following link and turn off the adblocker.

    Portal Management App: Script Error: Web resource method does not exist (

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