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Sales Order Screen Show Subtotals

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Hi All

Is there a way to show subtotals on Sales Order, Sales Line Subpage. Either based on standard fields like item category or based on a custom field (or even comment start and end) I know we can do this in RDLC layout but on the screen itself is it possible?

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 60,007 Super User on at
    RE: Sales Order Screen Show Subtotals

    I'm in favor of MahGah's practice of displaying this data in Factbox, as this will not affect performance when you don't display Factbox.

    Also, you can integrate Power BI reports in Factbox for more information.


    Hope this info also helps.



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    Dallefeld Profile Picture
    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Sales Order Screen Show Subtotals

    I would love to see this on many screens in BC. I had a client write this on several screen in NAV and it's super helpful.

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Sales Order Screen Show Subtotals


    We had a similar setup (development) but after a while we opt out and decided to use Action in page that generate summery on screen for review (on for sure report to print). These are what we have learned.  

    1) We used Factbox and the reason was it had less impact on performance and more room. But we tested fields in page but it was not ideal. 

    2) We used Custom Field and needed to keep the options minimum. Since in the page or in the factbox we needed to define them to show sub-total. Anytime we need to add a new "value" to custom field it was a development to add that value to factbox for total purposes. Hence, we need to deal with lots of limitation. 

    3) It impacted BC performance (SaaS) because of all calculation. 

    The short answer is yes it is possible but need some pre-evaluation. 

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