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Why does my (RetrieveDuplicatesResponse)localContext.OrganizationService.Execute(request) always return zero count?

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My CRM plugin needs to find if there is any duplicate records, so I use the following codes, basically I use two fields ("dev_claimnumber" and "dev_adminstratorstatus") as key to find if there is any duplicated records.

I know there is duplicates record already, but these codes does not work, the response.DuplicateCollection.Entities.Count always return 0, which it should be equaled to 1.

Any anybody help me to find what is wrong with my codes? or should I use other object or class to find the duplicated records? thanks a lot,



string EntityLogicalName = "dev_accountinfo";
Entity statusEntity = new Entity(EntityLogicalName);  
            statusEntity["dev_claimnumber"] = entity.Attributes["dev_claimnumber"].ToString(); //single line text field
            statusEntity["dav_adminstratorstatus"] = ((OptionSetValue)entity["dapi_administratorstatus"]).Value; //this is option set field           
            var request = new RetrieveDuplicatesRequest
                BusinessEntity = statusEntity,
                MatchingEntityName = statusEntity.LogicalName,
                PagingInfo = new PagingInfo() { PageNumber = 1, Count = 50 }
            var response = (RetrieveDuplicatesResponse)localContext.OrganizationService.Execute(request);
            if (response.DuplicateCollection.Entities.Count == 0) //if there is no duplicate record found, create a record
               localContext.Trace("No duplicates found... Entities.Count:" + response.DuplicateCollection.Entities.Count.ToString());
  //the above code shows Entities.Count:0, even I can see there are duplicate records it should returns 1

********************************************I also tried different codes as follows, but it also return zero of count****************

string EntityLogicalName = "dev_accountinfo";
            Entity statusEntity = new Entity(EntityLogicalName);
            QueryExpression Account = new QueryExpression { EntityName = "dev_accountinfo", ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("dev_claimnumber") };
            Account.Criteria.AddCondition("dev_claimnumber", ConditionOperator.Equal, entity.Attributes["dev_claimnumber"]);
            Account.Criteria.AddCondition("dev_administratorstatus", ConditionOperator.Equal, ((OptionSetValue)entity.Attributes["dapi_administratorstatus"]).Value);

            EntityCollection RetrieveAccount = localContext.OrganizationService.RetrieveMultiple(Account);
            if (RetrieveAccount.Entities.Count > 1)
                localContext.Trace("duplicate records found..." + RetrieveAccount.Entities.Count.ToString());
            } else
                localContext.Trace("no duplicates...");

  • Charan Raju C R Profile Picture
    Charan Raju C R 3,155 Super User on at
    RE: Why does my (RetrieveDuplicatesResponse)localContext.OrganizationService.Execute(request) always return zero count?

    Glad that you're managed to identify the issue and fixed it. Have a good day!

  • Peter Cong Profile Picture
    Peter Cong 135 on at
    RE: Why does my (RetrieveDuplicatesResponse)localContext.OrganizationService.Execute(request) always return zero count?

    Hi Charan, thanks for your help again,

    The problem was caused by the OptionSet value was not set properly, it should be set as int, but it was set as string.

  • Suggested answer
    Charan Raju C R Profile Picture
    Charan Raju C R 3,155 Super User on at
    RE: Why does my (RetrieveDuplicatesResponse)localContext.OrganizationService.Execute(request) always return zero count?

    Hi Peter,

    Does it work when you create a third duplicate record?

    Your plug-in is registered on pre-operation or post-operation?

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