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How to use Copilot in trial version of Dynamics 365 SCM

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Posted on by 91
I'm using a free trial version of Dynamics 365 SCM (ver 10.0.38).
As per the below URL, it seems that I need to put my system into maintenance mode in order to Enable the SQL row version change tracking license key.
Does anyone know how I can access Lifecycle Service for trial version of D365 SCM?
If accessing Lifecycle Service for trial version of D365 SCM is denied due to MS policy, are there any environments avilable for testing Copilot?
Any suggesions will be appreciated.
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    Hana Xue on at
    How to use Copilot in trial version of Dynamics 365 SCM
    Two ways to use LCS:
    1. Become a partner, LCS is provided to customers and partners as part of the Microsoft support program.
    2. Become a customer of financial and operational applications. You can log in using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) credentials.
    For more details, please check this link: Solved: Access to LCS (

    If you want to use Copilot in FO, you must first install and enable this feature on your system as well as meet the prerequisites. The prerequisites are as follows:
    1.Your environment must be a cloud-deployed environment. Cloud-hosted development environments do not support Copilot in Finance and Operations applications.
    2.You must have enabled Power Platform integration in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.
    For specific steps, you can view the description in this document Enable Copilot capabilities in finance and operations apps (preview) - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn
    Best Regards,

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