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Return reason code- Inventory value zero - not working as it should

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Posted on by 230
We have this setup with a Return reason code linked to a scrap location there we want the value for the scrapped item to be zero. We have therefor checked the Inventory value zero checkbox.
This is not working properly. I have the Unit cost-column visible so I can see at the Return sales order as well as the Posted Credit memo that the unit cost is zero on the line. But the value will still pop up at the scrap location and I see the cost in the G/L entries. This is an example:
But. Sometimes it works perfect. No value, no direct cost from the credit memo in the entries:
I have really tried to check if there is a difference in the related items, but as far as I can see there is not.
Is there anyone that have had the same problem and have solved it?
What other settings can I check, besides from these visibles on the items. Can this be non-item related? And what can it be then?