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customization in receipt of PO (04.010.00)

Posted on by 95

Good Day

I trying to customize a 0401000 screen, I trying to get a siteid from a detail of a purchase order and LineRef in a details grid of a receipt screen, I doing a simple select query but I am getting an error message 


this is the query:


the code never hits the breakpoint because it sends an error message I read on the internet that the problem is caused by the data header file on the customization screen. i compare sql table with data header file but i don't see any difference

in the dynamics sl directory have 2 files 


I use the purorddet.dh file 





any idea what's wrong?

trying import the original file but the result is a error message



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    develop 95 on at
    RE: customization in receipt of PO (04.010.00)

    finally solved,

    In the data header I only write SiteId because it is the only column I need, if I need more, I will add the necessary columns, there is no point in having all the ones that I do not occupy and they cause me an error



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    develop 95 on at
    RE: customization in receipt of PO (04.010.00)

    yes it's declared, and it's marked as "option explicit" ,  I found 2 files but 1 of them is missing columns

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    Erich Strelow F Profile Picture
    Erich Strelow F 1,642 on at
    RE: customization in receipt of PO (04.010.00)

    Starting from the basics:

    Did you declare bPurOrdDet?

    If not, this might be just a VB language trap. The VB engine is trying to setup an undeclared bPurOrdDet variable with a fixed buffer size. In this case, you should first activate the "Option Explicit". Then, search in the DB\DHFiles\App for the right snippet of code to be added.

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