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What are best practices when using custom code for Landing page and email design

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi all

Will really appreciate your help on the follwing: when using custom code (using html in the deisgner as opposed to templates) in the marketing app for both emails and landing pages I am finding a lot of issues with responsiveness and scalability. Text also does not remain within containers and overall it just seems like a lot of things "break" when doing this. When viewing the previews it seems fine for the mailers but when delivered it is not.

Has anyone found a similar issue and are there perhaps certain rules or parameters that you need to stick to when using html for mailers and landing pages?

Will appreciate your advice. 

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    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: What are best practices when using custom code for Landing page and email design

    Hi Yola,

    What your "custom code" means? Are they just HTML tags or custom CSS rules?

    Or does it mean that you build a email or landing page with designer tool from scratch?

    There are many reasons which could cause issue to responsiveness or scalability or layout, and compatibility is different among different OS and devices.

    If your issue may be related to the second situation -> 

    Default/sample email or marketing page templates in Dynamics 365 for Marketing are already responsive design, 

    if we use custom code to create marketing email or landing page, there is no responsiveness by default, we need to add more CSS code to make our email or page be mobile friendly.

    You could learn some tutorials about how to design mobile friendly responsive website, especially for font automatic adaptation, also, explore some sample demo on

    For marketing email, once you have designed an email, send a test email to your test mailbox and check it on mobile device.



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