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Minimize the solution import impact

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Hi All,
I know that when a solution is imported there can be an impact on its use. I would like to minimize this because i've a small problem with some flows. 
Those power automate flows are attached to some email boxes and is doing some things when an email is received. I'm afraid if we import a solution one of the flows would miss an email.
Does someone have some ideas on this?
Thanks in advance!
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    GV-13050845-0 5 on at
    Minimize the solution import impact
    Thanks Dengliang Li,
    Just a few other questions:
    1. Did you update or upgrade your solution?
    2. Does it help to put the flows in another solution?
    Thanks again!
    Best regards,
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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Minimize the solution import impact

    In my testing, I created a flow when Outlook emails are tracked to Dynamics CRM as a trigger.
    This flow runs normally during solution import and is not affected.
    If you are concerned, you can import the solution when your customers are on break (a time period when no emails will be sent).
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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