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How to change the default date of the sample company.

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Hello Team, 

Could you help me with the following question?
When I open MS GP, I receive the following notification:


I click open, and on the right bottom side change the date.


But, when I close GP and open it once again, I receive the same notification and GP depicts the date April 12, 2027.

How to set the date not to get lost in 2027?

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    David Musgrave MVP GPUG All Star Legend Moderator Profile Picture
    David Musgrave MVP ... 13,781 Super User on at
    RE: How to change the default date of the sample company.

    This article tells you everything you need to know.



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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,002 Super User on at
    RE: How to change the default date of the sample company.

    Hi Andrew,

    Part of the reason why Microsoft is forcing Fabrikam into a date far in the future is to make sure users don't confuse that company with some of their own company, and as such they have also pre-loaded the demo company with a lot of transactions dated around that same period.. so changing it back to current data would make no sense in terms of using the demo company (closed fiscal periods, currency rates, etc.)

    However if you want simply a company to tinker around regardless of the transactions in it, why not simply create a blank company from scratch and use the PSTL company copy tool to copy some of the master setup from Fabrikam, so you can play around in the current dates, but would still have some data pre-loaded.

  • RE: How to change the default date of the sample company.

    Hello Andrew,

    The April 12.2027 is the date used but the test Fabricam company. You will not be able to change this date.  The sample company uses this date so that users realize they are in the test company and not the live company.

    You would need to set up a separate company to use the date taken from the Windows OS.


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