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Lifecycle Services (LCS) and Dynamics 365 On Premise

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

In all of the descriptions I've found on the subject of Dynamics 365 for Operations on-premise (Local Business Data), they have described that the application servers and databases remain on premise under your care and that there is no sync of data to the cloud, but also that the features to monitor and manage the deployment of your D365 installation can only be done through the cloud through Lifecycle Services.

My question is, does that mean that one is REQUIRED to have a connection to the cloud for LCS or do you have the option to simply not use LCS, or to use LCS without having an actual connection to your running instance?

And if that is the case (that your running instance of D365 is NOT connected to the Internet) what specific functionality does one lose or not have available as a result of not using LCS?

Thanks in advance.

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    RE: Lifecycle Services (LCS) and Dynamics 365 On Premise

    Thanks you André.

    Forgive my inexperience in these matters, but if we have a strict on-premise requirement where under normal existing circumstances our production servers and data is not connected to the Internet in any way, is there a way to implement the Dynamics 365 on-premise (local business data) solution, and still maintain our security requirements?  

    I would imagine that a dev environment could be cloud based or connected to the cloud for LCS and such but I don't think it will be acceptable to have a production instance connected to the Internet.

    I know that the on-prem solution is very new and it looks like it is not actually GA quite yet, but I am wondering if it is really on-premise or if the cloud requirement of LCS would defeat the purpose of being on-prem by necessitating an Internet connection to the AOS servers.

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this.



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    RE: Lifecycle Services (LCS) and Dynamics 365 On Premise

    Hi Chrisb70,

    LCS is required anyway as it would be the tool to deploy your environments and manage GER configurations and customizations like cloud hosted environments. The AOS must be able to communicate with LCS.

    When you are using LBD, you won't have a sandbox or hardware/software included. Out of the box there is no integration with cloud services such as Power BI, Cortana and CDS.

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