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Creating an Item ledger entry to adjust Inventory

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi All,

We have had some bespoke work done to split lots on Receipt. When the lots were split on the Item ledger Entries there was no negative done to negate the original quantity it came in at... for example in the picture below the inventory will now show as 40000, not 20000. 


We can't seem to use any journals to try and sort these out as the Warehouse Entries are correct, as in the original 20000 has been negated and split correctly. 


Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can correct these mistakes? 

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    Alexander Ermakov 28,092 on at
    RE: Creating an Item ledger entry to adjust Inventory

    I'm not sure I'm getting your request correctly. Why do you want to split receipts? Generally, to adjust items quantity use e.g. How to: Make Negative Adjustments to Inventory Value -

    This is also a good reference:

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    RE: Creating an Item ledger entry to adjust Inventory


    You don't show column headers in the ILE image.  Does the original receipt have zero for a Remaining Qty? If so, are there any Applied Entries assigned to the receipt?  If the Remaining Qty is zero, and there are no Applied Entries consuming the inventory, then the ILE will need to be edited with a Developer's license to set Remaining Qty = 20000 so that you can adjust it with the Item Journal.  The bespoke program code will need to be revised to prevent incorrect ILEs going forward.


    Bob R.

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