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AR receipt void'ed in wrong period

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I am trying to close Apr-22. However, I have a situation with a cash receipt from April.   It was entered for the wrong amount, then re-entered correctly.  However, the receipt for the incorrect amount was void'ed with a May-22 date, instead of an Apr-22 date.  Therefore, both my AR balance is understated and my cash G/L balance is overstated for Apr-22.  

Is there a way to correct the sales/AR sub-ledger for this in April?   I'd like to have the sub-ledger (including the customer aging) and the G/L in sync, rather than just doing a reversing JE to true up the cash balance. 

Thank you.

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    Thank you for posting.  You could enter offsetting transactions such as DinB suggested as that is certainly an option too.   Or you can open a support case and a Support Engineer could assist you with the data.  Here is the link to open a support incident:

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    RE: AR receipt void'ed in wrong period

    This has impact on AR, Bank and GL module, This is a bit of trial and error. You could try something like below, but need to try in Test Company first to verify results.

    For AR Module:
    April 22 AR Balance
    Cash Receipt = - $100 (already entered)
    Dummy Debit Memo = + $100 (Do not Post to GL)
    AR Balance = 0

    May 22 AR Balance
    Void Cash Receipt = + $100 (already voided)
    Void Dummy Debit Memo = -$100 (Do not Post to GL)
    AR Balance = 0

    For Bank Module
    Enter decrease bank adjustment in April 22 = - $100 (Debit AR, Credit Cash), Post to GL
    Then Increase bank adjustment in May 22 = $100 (Debit Cash, Credit AR), Post to GL
    Check AR, Bank Rec and GL for both April 22 and May 22

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