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Power Automate sending a file attachment from Dataverse file column to Business Central

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Posted on by 620

Maybe there is someone in this forum who is well versed with both Power Automate and Business Central.


I'm using a Power Automate flow to send file attachments from a Dataverse File Column to Business Central. The flow works good, but the problem is that when i try to open the file in Business Central, its corrupted, and i can't view it. I believe something is wrong with the base64tobinary function. Any ideas? 


Here is part of how I get the file from Dataverse:


The full Compose 1 Inputs: decodeBase64(body('Download_a_file_or_an_image_1')?['$content'])


And how I attach this in Business Central:



The full Content: base64(body('Download_a_file_or_an_image_1'))