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Update Customer Voice Survey Question choices from dataverse tables

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Is it possible to update customer voice survey question choices by updating the dataverse table msfp_question with power automate. 

Context - We use Customer Voice as a Sign-In forms for events. We often have more than one event a day and want to use one survey to capture event attendees.

I created a SharePoint list with all our upcoming events, then, use Power Automate to get todays event items and to then update the field msfp_questionchoices in the table in the required format ("msfp_questionchoices""\"Today Event 1\",\"Today Event 2\"",).

However, this does not affect the question choices on the actual survey. Is there any way to achieve this? 

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    Steve McCready 5 on at
    RE: Update Customer Voice Survey Question choices from dataverse tables

    Hey Bruuu,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Thats a shame the data doesn't flow from the tables to the survey. I've tried to see if there was any chance logic or a variable based on date might work but no joy.

    I guess it's either manually updating a choice question every day or creating a choice question for every day and having a question before where they select the date.

    The survey is preloaded on Tablets and am using Power Automate to extract the data to another database and add them to an event tracker so can't have multiple forms (I don't think).

    I'll keep trying to find a way this can work

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    thebruuu 422 on at
    RE: Update Customer Voice Survey Question choices from dataverse tables


    In short ... no.

    Dataverse Tables are not the operational tables of Customer Voice; Dataverse tables are only a copy of operational table .. .and data goes only in one way, from operational tables to dataverse tables. So not possible writing to questions operational tables

    Only chance is IF the choices are not totally free but are grouped in use cases, that can be hard coded

    and you would navigate through a use case, using conditional branching.

    And that this is your only chance, as choices cannot be based on variables

    IF choices  are grouped in use cases, You could then achieve your goal with variables in survey links + branching based on variables.

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