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Multi Variant Items in Business Central

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Hello everyone,
I want to ask that how can I use items that are classified on basis of more than one type. For example, a pair of shoes can be classified on the basis of colour and on the basis of size. In business central either we can create variant on the basis of colour or on the basis of size. How can we use both in item as well in sales and purchase lines. Kindly guide me in this. Thank you. 
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    Jun Wang 3,539 Super User on at
    Multi Variant Items in Business Central
    Yun is right in his response.
    here is more explanation

    Single Variant Code per Item: You can only assign one variant code to a specific variant of an item. This means if you have a product that comes in multiple variations that could logically require multiple codes (for example, a shirt that varies by both color and size), you have to choose a single way to differentiate these variants.
    No Multiple Dimensions: Unlike some other systems that might allow you to create complex variant structures with multiple dimensions (e.g., color AND size as separate attributes), Business Central requires you to combine these into a single variant code. For instance, you might end up with variant codes like "Blue-Large", "Blue-Small", "Red-Large", and "Red-Small".
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    YUN ZHU 59,926 Super User on at
    Multi Variant Items in Business Central
    If you insist on using Item Variants, you can only create both in one variant.
    for example
    Blue - size 1
    Blue - size 2
    Red - size 1
    Red - size 2
    Hope this can give you some hints.
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    gdrenteria 2,706 Super User on at
    Multi Variant Items in Business Central
    I would tell you that you can rely on variants and also on attributes.
    But surely a combination of several similar products by color and then using the variant for sizes could be a way to work with them.
    Best regards

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