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Bank Deposit Entry Window Auto select Bank Deposit Number

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We have a client who is wondering why in some companies they have to select the Bank Deposit Receipt in the Bank Deposit Entry window while in other companies they 'claim' that the Bank Deposit Receipt number is already populated.

Now I just test this by creating a new Cheque deposit with the client in the company - added 2 cheques

Then went to the Bank Deposit Entry window and the Bank Deposit receipt just created was not presented.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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    RE: Bank Deposit Entry Window Auto select Bank Deposit Number

    Hi Bill,

    In the Bank Deposit entry window, when you select the CHECKBOOK ID, then the next deposit number should default into the window.  If you have a saved deposit then that one will default in, but if you don't, then the next deposit number from the checkbook setup will default in.  (Cards | Financial | Checkbook).   Make sure it has leading zeroes there and has enough room to increment.   Also make sure there are no stuck or damaged deposit records in the bank deposit work tables (CM10100/CM10101).  These deposit work tables should be blank when no deposit is in process or is saved for that checkbook.  

    Once you post a bank deposit, it is posted and gone from the window (as this is just a deposit entry window).  You will not be able to bring it back up in the bank deposit entry window again to edit it or even view it.  You would have to go to Inquiry to view it and drill back on it to see the receipts within the deposit.  . 

    Hope that helps.  Let me know if any questions. 


    Cheryl Waswick

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

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