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AX365FO Retail data migration issue

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Hello AX community,

I would like to consult you about a specific AX365FO Retail data migration issue.
Which would be the best approach, does someone have any experience on the subject.

Here is the case: We are deploying D365FO Retail and there is a legacy data migration part.
All of the sales orders from the current Retail system should be migrated and available on the new one (D365FO Retail). To be more precise, in every POS we should be able to find the history of all sales orders from the legacy system.

After technical analysis, I see that the mainly concerned tables are RETAILTRANSACTIONTABLE and RETAILTRANSACTIONSALES, they exist in DBO, AX, and CRT schemas. I understand partly how the CRT synchronization works, the data of these tables is sent from FO => Retail (P-0001 Job).

To import the legacy data, I was thinking about the following options:

  • Option 1: Creating a data entity and using it to populate the mentioned tables in the DBO schema. Then, create a new retail scheduled job that will run once and copy the migrated data in the same 2 tables but in the AX/CRT schemas. I hope that should be sufficient to see the legacy transactions in the POS Customer sales order history screen.
  • Option 2: Create new specific tables in FO / Retail as clones of the mentioned ones, populate them as explained in option 1, then, extend the CRT and the GetOrderHistoryServiceRequest method to include in the legacy history in the POS customer order history results. This seems a bit complicated but should be possible, I think.
  • Option 3: Any other approach that I have missed out, that you might advise…

Your opinions on the subject will be highly appreciated :-)

Thank you.
Kind regards,

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    Saso GLIGOR Profile Picture
    Saso GLIGOR 70 on at
    RE: AX365FO Retail data migration issue


    If anyone wonders, here is how I resolved this issue.
    The following 2 native entities can be used to import the retail sales headers and lines :

    • RetailTransactionEntity
    • RetailTransactionSalesTrans

    With this, you will be able to see all of the retail transaction sales in the BackOffice.
    In order to get the history on the POS side, the following function needs to be used :

    • Retail => Retail IT => POS posting => Validate store transactions.

    As soon as you do that the sales orders history will appear on the POS side.
    Hope that this can be of help to someone :-)

    Kind regards,

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