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Printing Custom Labels for each selected line item

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I am setting up custom labels for sales order line items for inventory purposes. We are using a Zebra label printer so I am setting up the ZPL script that will create the label each time the print button is selected. I found a useful line in the microsoft article about printing labels for all line items. But I am having trouble limiting that to just the line items that are selected, not all line items every time. The line in the ZPL script that prints one label per line item is as follows.
{{Row Table=/table name/ StartY=XXX IncY=XXX RowsPerLabel=1
How can I refine this to only print labels for the line items I have selected? I've tried looking for what kind of language or script this is coming from but I can't find anything that points me to how this is modifying the output.
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    lvdtang 1,047 on at
    Printing Custom Labels for each selected line item
    Good day,
    The custom label being printed only for the selected records, see below screenshot for an example.
    Best regards,
    Laurens van der Tang
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    Ben Ashe 40 on at
    Printing Custom Labels for each selected line item
    Hi, I have a question on the {{Row Table=/table name/ StartY=XXX IncY=XXX RowsPerLabel=1
    code line, as I am trying to achieve a label print per line on a return order, and am having trouble. I have a 3 line order, and although I'm getting 3 labels sent to the virtual printer, only label 3 is printing (for the 3rd order line). Labels 1 and 2 error. 
    I am using this line: {{Row Table=SalesLine_1 RowsPerLabel=1
    If I use line: {{Row Table=SalesTable_1 RowsPerLabelFirst=1 RowsPerLabel=1 I get the first label for order line 1, and no other labels for line 2 and 3.
    I have tried to play around with {{Header and {{HeaderFirst, but not had any luck.
    Did you use HeaderFirst, Header and FooterFirst, Footer? 
    Any help greatly appreciated! 
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    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Printing Custom Labels for each selected line item
    Challenges with label printing with the D365FO are noted in the documentation, including the fact that the labels do not contain any information about the sales order and the inability to enforce the LP that must be selected. You may be able to use Advanced Warehouse Management to create labels.
     Advanced Warehouse Management provides some fields that contain line numbers and order numbers, which can be included as variables in the ZPL code of the document routing layout to differentiate by line number.
    You can check out the details on the tabs for Advanced Warehouse Management at the link below.
    Dynamics Advanced Warehouse Management - Labels (
    In addition, you can also briefly browse this article:
    Best Regards,


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