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Using waitlist segments in customer journey

Posted on by 180

Does anyone have a detailed customer journey that shows step by step how a segment of invited contacts goes on a customer journey and if the event reaches capacity how the contacts put on a waitlist are routed down the waitlist segment?

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    Baggie9 180 on at
    RE: Using waitlist segments in customer journey

    Thanks Abhinav I am trying to understand how does that trigger know that the contact is now on the waitlist on the negative branch? Reason being is that the event will allow the contact to register even if it has reached full capacity but will be put on the waitlist.

    So in your example on the trigger it says if not registered go to the negative branch. In the scenario Ive put forward the contact would be registered but on the waitlist

    Thanks for your assistance so far

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    Abhinav Sunku 350 on at
    RE: Using waitlist segments in customer journey

    Hi Brad,

    I would suggest you to put the Wait list segment in the Negative Branch of the Trigger, as they are not considered as the confirmed registrations, then once the capacity is increased or the confirmations are cancelled, segment goes through the trigger and email will be sent. Hope this helps.


    Best Regards,

    Abhinav sunku.

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    Baggie9 180 on at
    RE: Using waitlist segments in customer journey

    so would it be correct to have your segment for invites up at the front of the journey and then those clients that are put on the waitlist would be selected by the waitlist auto register segment which would be further on in the journey. Unfortunately when I try this my journey does work it skips multiple steps


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